OS File Size Version MD5 Checksum


3.1.0 (12/05/2019)

  • XLSX support (re-)added for Andriller version 3.x; so all HTML report will also have an accompanying spreadsheet.
  • DataStore.tar will add files for Android Backup and root-permissive extractions.
  • Minor bugs fixed in Skype and Chrome Password decoders.

3.0.4 (06/05/2019)

  • Bugs identified in tests were fixed.
  • License application and improved error handling in some cases.
  • Spelling mistakes fixed.

3.0.3 (17/04/2019)

  • Facebook threads_db2 support added for legacy databases
  • Enhanced exceptions information for individual decoders (shows traceback in the main log window)
  • Decoders for WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber were fixed for HTML rendering
  • Internal tests identified minor bugs, which were fixed

3.0.2 (25/03/2019)

  • Bug fixed for locksettings.db salt read function from Lockscreen menus;
  • Bug fixed preventing users to obtain an Installation ID in version 3.0.1.

3.0.0-rc2 (24/03/2019)

  • Decoders hanging due to not included dependencies;
  • License fix improved for misconfigured licenses (flag --fix-license);
  • File commands (Save and Clear log) were wired back;
  • Added convert Android backup to tar function in Tools menu;
  • Added extract Android backup to folder function in Tools menu;
  • Decoding errors in Calendars fixed;
  • New application icon added;

3.0.0-rc1 (12/03/2019)

  • Major backend re-write, all code had a complete revamp (excluding GUI);
  • Screen capture re-written, report can be generated after setting up a working directory;
  • ADB handler re-written, and updated to accomodate latest binary functionality;
  • Acquisition, data parsing, and decoding backend re-written;
  • Pattern/PIN/Password cracking reviewed, and performance slightly improved;
  • New HTML reports rendering engine, future potential to enhance reports with custom CSS/JS;
  • All new decoders for all supported applications, which includes latest versions of applications;
  • Format the timestamp displayed in Reports to match your locale;
  • WhatsApp crypt decoder united into a single utility, can support multiple files of different crypt types;
  • WhatsApp status broadcast support added;
  • Facebook Lite Messenger support added;
  • Skype supports latest database decoding;
  • Viber contacts support added;
  • Viber support group messages conversations;
  • New licensing method (backwards not compatible), see instructions on the site if migrating;
  • Some applications decoding deprecated.


  • Some functions re-written and improved;
  • Facebook: Minor decoding bugs fixed;
  • WhatsApp: Minor decoding bugs fixed, added chat (expandable list in html) and separate column in Excel reporting;
  • Lockscreen cracking process hung bug fixed.

MD5: ed5cdca23209f330741c4f53d904bda4 Andrillerv2.6.4Setup.exe MD5: 90db79149b9206204aba28ae7264e1f8 Andrillerv2.6.4amd64.tar.gz


  • Calendar ( support added;
  • Facebook backwards support improved;
  • Lockscreen password brute-force now has minimum and maximum length specification;
  • Gesture decoding bug fixed;
  • Clean exit and stopping of adb server upon App closure;
  • Linux compiled version added.

MD5: c0901d306b11a6aa37d7ba2f6e4da6a7 Andrillerv2.6.3Setup.exe MD5: 2bbfae98e6d54d7113b3fd6395adc332 Andrillerv2.6.3amd64.tar.gz


  • GPS locations and metadata from media (images and videos) reporting, from package ID "";
  • Screen Capture UX improved and bugs fixed;
  • Decoders menu items re-arranged;
  • Phonebook decoding option bug fixed;
  • Reporting on Excel is made prettier.

MD5: 68a30b0dd479d78ecf005a1147748473 Andrillerv2.6.2Setup.exe


  • Facebook decoder has been completely re-written. Greater stability and error handling. Messages will also include "shares", "stickers", and "attachments" in the HTML view mode.
  • AB extraction error fixed for Android versions 6.x;
  • Improved stability when decoding individual databases;
  • WhatsApp minor bugs fixed;
  • Facebook multiple database decoder deprecated.

MD5: 5e38598064e56f5f72ca189bf62eee66 Andrillerv2.6.1.1Setup.exe (18-08-2016)


  • WhatsApp crypt9, crypt10, crypt11, crypt12 decoding support;
  • WhatsApp data decoding improvements (full media path, etc.);
  • PIN/Password cracking GUI improvements;
  • Extracted files and databases are now saved into a "DataStore.tar" file;
  • Device detection feedback improved;
  • ADB extraction improvement via root and SU binary;
  • Version includes minor bug fixes with multiple WhatsApp database decoder, Facebook messages decoding improvements, and Viber bugs fixes.

MD5: f787c24d447f8d2761471cfd47f342a4 Andrillerv2.6.0.1Setup.exe


  • Maintenance release, bug fixes.

MD5: d16322714d6eab4c9d9cab4cbfde41da Andrillerv2.5.4.0Setup.exe MD5: 6c319829e9d1e57d21b755cf23213613 Andrillerv2.5.4.0i686.tar.gz MD5: 3ac8b7904d32dc3ba7ecdb53cf698814 Andrillerv2.5.4.0x64.tar.gz


  • Release for LINUX OS (i686 and x64).
  • Lockscreen PIN cracking bug fixed, where some numbers with leading zeros were not being tested.
  • Grindr decoding errors fixed.

MD5: 02d84a5c326b24b5c91124f0602bb3f1 Andrillerv2.5.3.1i686.tar.gz MD5: 275d6a56edfb706598b97afce40ca88e Andrillerv2.5.3.1Setup.exe MD5: 939ad7fae50ff6a98a61d9514ae84720 Andrillerv2.5.3.1x64.tar.gz


  • Screen Capture. New utility added under Tools menu. Allows taking screen captures from devices running Android version 4.x and above. Functionality to take many screen captures, add comments and generate a report.
  • WhatsApp. Decoding method was largely re-coded, improved performance and error handling. Group participants are now decoded; sender and recipients are reported.
  • License migration. Method re-coded, which improves stability and eliminates bugs.

MD5: 557289af4e9b460dad49c80ad33964de Andrillerv2.5.2Setup.exe


  • Added file system extraction of "Shared Storage". Supports Android versions 4.x and above. Generates a report with files, which can be viewed using a browser.
  • WhatsApp decoding minor issues solved.
  • Minor bugs causing crashes were fixed.
  • EULA agreement added.

MD5: 1a3a3e99980aedf50a48024e9dca9b70 Andrillerv2.5.1Setup.exe


  • Improved data extraction by root via su binary for forensic soundness and integrity;
  • Decoders menu was re-written due to previous improvement had encountered a bug;
  • Improvements with data download and decoding, should result in more data being decoded with fewer errors;
  • Error reporting improved.
  • v2.5.0.1 supports latest WhatsApp (v2.12.x) *.crypt8 decryption.
  • v2.5.0.2 Multiple WhatsApp Databases decoder bugs fixed.

MD5: d0cff77b852f2f5aac8ecbede83d04d2 Andrillerv2.5.0.2Setup.exe


  • WhatsApp messages decoder bug fixed so is backwards compatable with older databases;
  • Decoders shows feedback whilst decoding;
  • Internal code improvements and simplifications with decoders;
  • Spelling mistakes corrected;
  • SMS extraction improved;

MD5: 57ec2cdda8ceb6c9b1a25e66f2d52105 Andrillerv2.4.5Setup.exe


  • Download History added for extraction and decoding;
  • WhatsApp call records excluded from messages report (previously calls appeared in messages as empty messages);
  • WhatsApp messages multimedia items report Caption text;
  • Minor improvements user with registration process, various code improvements.
  • Self issue trial license bug fixed (v2.4.4.1)

MD5: 0639ce26a2bb84cd8163a27129fdaefb Andrillerv2.4.4.1Setup.exe


  • Time Zones added for reporting. Go to File > Preferences, and change to your UTC offset for your timezone. Default UTC+00:00.
  • Customizable header and footer can be changed in Preferences. Use HTML tagging for customisations.
  • WhatsApp Calls support added (Beta).
  • Minor improvements to data extraction.

MD5: 69310b3193c5e0b69b22edd0340ede65 Andrillerv2.4.3Setup.exe


  • Data Parse decoding improved, it can detect a few more databases and decode them.
  • Writing to Excel improved, which should result in fewer errors.
  • License migration is added. Valid licenses can be transferred onto other UID if needed.
  • Get salt from "locksettings.db-wal" (write ahead logs) for PIN/passwords cracking.
  • Minor attributions extraction improvements.

MD5: 5629e65a7900e7645151df008cf50d8d Andrillerv2.4.2Setup.exe


  • In addition to data extraction and decoding, data parsing & decoding is added for Folder structure of '/data' filesystem, Tarball (nanddroid backups, such as 'data.tar' files) and Android Backup (AB - 'backup.ab' files), to generate an Andriller style report;
  • Facebook multiple database decoder duplicate removal improved;
  • BBM decoder #bugfix for time and decode decoding;
  • Minor miscelaneous bugfixes and improvements, such as better unicode handling.

MD5: c54030048d5b787e81df8b9a3fe9f8d5 Andrillerv2.4.1Setup.exe


  • "Apps Utils" section with proprietry decrypting and decoding features;
  • Decode multiple Facebook databases and generate one report;
  • Decode multiple WhatsApp databases and generate one report;
  • WhatsApp decoding improved, bugs removed.

MD5: e3cdc7b96c9fefaa388d00241c18f236 Andrillerv2.4.0Setup.exe


  • Decryptor added for WhatsApp Crypt8 'msgstore.db.crypt8' database backups;
  • Gesture pattern lookup database generator added to Lockscreens (SQLite database);
  • AB (Android Backup) file decoding and conversion error handling improved;
  • Time and date decoding bugs fixed for out of range dates;
  • Accounts reporting bugs fixed.

MD5: c1cdc6fef5f130f2beb731532836688e Andrillerv2.3.10Setup.exe


  • Important bug fix! Latest Windows update had caused the Unique ID to change, that caused the license key not being recognised. This update will change your UID, and will prevent it from changing.

MD5: 75360e48391adeba31bdf3ae4141c4af Andrillerv2.3.8Setup.exe


  • Various usage bugs eliminated in Lockscreens decoders/crackers.
  • Reported bugs fixed.

MD5: dadadaefe2371d782184b0c294d104dc Andrillerv2.3.7Setup.exe


  • ChatOn messages support added for root extraction and decoders.
  • Improvements to Gesture pattern decoding: graphical design re-touched, visualisation of the pattern can be exported as a postscript file.
  • User experience: keyboard shortcuts activated for common actions (eg: Esc to exit), Function keys (F5-F7) to proceed to extraction.
  • Tool tips: new feature that displays helpful tips on mouse hover over items.
  • Themes option added to Preferences, where window layout styles can be changed.

MD5: 89d1af65415058f4cbf7c0b1a8998567 Andrillerv2.3.6Setup.exe


  • Skype Calls and Messages decoders added for Extraction (AB method only) and Decoders menu for parsing the "main.db" database;
  • Decrypt now includes decryption for archived WhatsApp databases encrypted with .crypt5 extentions;
  • Configurations: Window resize to fit smaller screens (eg: netbooks);
  • Configurations UI improved;
  • Minor code improvements to improve usability and stability.

MD5: cdf9b0f23d7f1202c29070645f3f9e16 Andrillerv2.3.5Setup.exe


  • Lockscreen password cracking for #Samsung type passwords (using word-lists);
  • Decrypt now decrypts WhatsApp encrypted databases with .crypt7 extensions;
  • Lockscreen password cracking tried words count does not reset after pause;
  • Menu for lockscreens re-arranged by groups.

MD5: 25feebc04f60e23652c7018a443e4bb9 Andrillerv2.3.4Setup.exe


  • Password cracking - minor improvements for reading dictionary file.
  • Pattern cracking - the gesture pattern can now be drawn in a visual representation.
  • Minor improvements for decoding Calls, WhatsApp contacts, Tinder matches.
  • Extraction of data while the device is in RECOVERY MODE (ClockWorkMod, etc.) with root privileges and /system and /data partitions mounted.
  • Configuration now has Offline Mode, which skips the version check on startup.

MD5: e7d10137e40cb349d5b806a71865975c Andrillerv2.3.3Setup.exe


  • Lockscreen Gesture pattern decoding is now performed locally without the need to submit a hash value online. Import the 'gesture.key' file directly or input the hash value. Depending on CPU, the gesture hash is usually decoded within a few seconds.
  • Lockscreen Brute force cracker now has procentage and time remaining for completion; also includes minor improvements.
  • Configurations menu added under File. Minor miscelaneous options can be defined by the end user, these include: defining the default Output directory; setting the password cracking update rate (after how many password tries the update should be visualised).
  • Configurations; last used path is now remembered from Decoders and other locations.
  • Licensing issues; if upgrading a newly generated unique id will be issued.

MD5: 19fa93e4f328bc71ef3352e2a7d2aea2 Andrillerv2.3.2Setup.exe


  • #Bugfix for root(su) extractions
  • #Bugfix for decoding build properties
  • #Bugfix for calls decoding
  • #Bugfix for contacts decoding
  • #Bugfix for default browser history decoding
  • #New WhatsApp decryptor for encrypted database backups
  • #Improved BBM decoder for newer versions of the App

MD5: b28f5d6f75d8075273263b01904bed79 Andrillerv2.3.1Setup.exe (06-10-2014)


  • Licensing. The method of obtaining a Unique ID (UID) has changed, now it derives from a more stable source. Your UID may result in being different when you first run this version of Andriller. A new license key will be automatically re-issued and saved.
  • No longer a user is required to sign up for a trial license - it is issued automatically.
  • Calls Logs. Differentiated between incoming records for 'Unknown' or 'Withheld' entries.
  • Emails. Attachments can decoded (filenames); can be decoded through 'Decoders'.

MD5: 678e04dfb7e863a7d3e064c880908ddb Andrillerv2.3.0Setup.exe


  • New support for Dolphin Web Browser History decoding added (via extraction and decoders);
  • 'Login Data' of Google Chrome decoder was causing Andriller to crash and not produce an Excel report #BUGFIX.

MD5: 161b530e296ef7e110073f8b0d1e8540 Andrillerv2.2.2Setup.exe


  • All Decoders were fundamentally re-coded, where existing and potential bugs were eliminated.

MD5: 77b4fb80a2a6c5d97ba78de6fc8d4c5f Andrillerv2.2.1Setup.exe


  • Data reporting in Excel (.xlsx) format for extractions and database decoders. During extractions a REPORT.xlsx file will be created with all data in it. When using decoders an Excel will created in the same location where the HTML file was outputted.
  • Error handling added for logging technical data to the "log.errors.log" file when running full extraction.
  • Error handling added for logging technical data to the text field when dunning individual decoders.
  • Fixed decoding Facebook and WhatsApp databases where extra folders are created. This may have affected when decoding through Decoders menu, and folders/files were already present in the temp directory.
  • Debuggers were accidentally left in previous versions on some decoders, fixed now.
  • Facebook notifications #bugfix for decoding.

MD5: a49877d562c11e00fb953e41be28c151 Andrillerv2.2.0Setup.exe


  • Brute force password lockscreen with personalised combinations of lowercase, uppercase, digits, and custom characters.
  • Before databases are decoded, a copy is created in a "backup" folder.
  • SQLite journal files are also downloaded during extraction. Additional data could be recovered from them.
  • Local and UTC times are displayed on startup.
  • WhatsApp messages decoder #bugfix for media thumbnails
  • Some time and date stamp decoding was fixed #bugfix.

MD5: db846b72ef1513aa31ce15f98bb591c3 Andrillerv2.1.4Setup.exe


  • MeowChat messages support added;
  • Some wording (and spelling) were re-visited and corrected.

MD5: 7d756f3d0f771cddd6e4dec7689138a4 Andrillerv2.1.3Setup.exe


  • Added Tinder matches and messages support
  • Minor usage improvements

MD5: 2084d9829e213022cafca88546d5c6a3 Andrillerv2.1.2Setup.exe


  • Added support for Samsung SMS Snippets (only beginning text of messages);
  • Android backup extraction and AB file handling improved for larger files, Andriller was running out of memory that was resulting in 0 databases extracted from AB #BUGFIX;
  • Same #BUGFIX applied to AB files conversion/extraction to file/folder;
  • PIN/Password lockscreen cracking user experience improved #GUI;
  • Upgrade option appears in the Help menuif an upgrade is available.

MD5: 2819d5386920b45b9c0b9340ca44a4f3 Andrillerv2.1.1Setup.exe


  • Built and compiled with Python 3.4 (base upgrade)
  • Convert .AB (Android backup) file to .TAR (Tarball) file
  • Extract the content of .AB file into a folder
  • Viber calls support added for extraction and decoding
  • Feature to update the license key
  • Feature to upgrade Andriller to latest version (beta functionality)
  • When performing data extraction, the buttons get greyed out, so can't be accidentally double-clicked during extraction (bug fix)
  • If a license is expired or faulty, the software will reduce functions instead of closing the main window completely.

MD5: f297cb262d9b7a13ee3fa62fe0a41619 Andrillerv2.1Setup.exe


  • Improved graphical user interface, proportionally resized
  • Improved overall user experience and user friendliness

A few new features were developed, but at the time they're being backdated for next release. So stay tuned! MD5: a47de8193aa5ffee4e3853ff56cfb003 Andrillerv2.0.5Setup.exe


  • Added support for Viber Messages chat (Android)
  • Fixed a bug in Email decoder, so the feature is working now
  • Chrome web browser decoding works for any mobile/desktop operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, Unix, Mac)
  • Fixed Facebook chat messages decoding for the latest App version
  • Decoders; if [Output] if chosen, the decoded data will be saved there; else the decoded data will be displayed in a temporary directory
  • Error handling improved within file browsing/saving, license key registration

MD5: f983795f5f61c34108f8ae35de9a4015 Andrillerv2.0.4Setup.exe


  • Decoders in menus were fixed for error handling
  • Typing mistakes corrected (oops)
  • Minor improvements all-round

MD5: 9d02167991c443a0835b3fdf84f9be41 Andrillerv2.0.3Setup.exe


  • Installer; Andriller now comes as a Setup Installer for Windows
  • Improved PIN and Password cracking speed of up to 48% faster than previously
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Some descriptions clarified

New Update Instructions With this version of Andriller, you need to install, and re-enter the license key. Check for your license key in the email sent to you when registered. MD5: 2e519b34928cd797b3f76f3b20617885 Andrillerv2.0.2Setup.exe


  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Changed domain to
  • Added support for decoding Grindr App messages & users (Apple iOS)
  • Window size reduced to accommodate smaller resolutions
  • Default font changed to Consolas
  • License key filename is now stored as the unique id (which allows use of Andriller on different PC's with multiple licenses)

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